Chik Brenneman, Dusty, and Bill Matthews

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Baker Family Wines reflect Dusty Baker and Chik Brenneman’s deep passion for excellence and quality.

Dusty and Chik first met sometime around 2004 at Woodbridge Winery in Lodi California.  Dusty was hosting a consumer tasting, and Chik’s team in the production lab was responsible for supporting it.  An event which at the time, no one would have imagined where this chance meeting would have led.  Fast forward two years, and Chik receives a phone call from Dusty inquiring about putting a small vineyard on his property.  In early 2007, Chik and Dusty, laid out the project and in 2010, produced the first vintage as home winemakers.

Initially the wines were given away as ‘shiners’, a term used in the industry for bottles without labels.  Dusty’s daughter,Natosha Baker Smith, then designed a label for these wines that were still be given away.  Acclaim and demand for the wines increased into the 2012 vintage and Dusty and Chik decided that they needed to ‘go pro’.  Dusty and Chik added Bill Matthews to the team to help out with the business side.

B and B Wine Company was founded in 2013.  The wines were produced at Treasure Island Winery in San Francisco under the watchful direction of winemaker Brenneman.  The current Baker Family Wines label was designed by Tosh, evoking a close-up rendition of baseball stitching.  The first release included a lush, fruity and deep Syrah from Dusty Baker’s own Placer County vineyard.  All the wines produced in a single vintage are headlined by a small and limited production from the fruit grown in Dusty’s vineyard.   We are eternally greatful to our customers who produced a ‘sell out’ for our first two vintages.  A few bottles of library wines remain.  The 2015 vintage added a Sauvignon blanc from Lake County, and a Zinfandel and Syrah wine from the Russian River Valley.  The Zinfandel, Dusty’s Syrah, and the Russian River Syrah were released in late March 2017.  The 2016 vintage added a vineyard in the Fiddletown appellation of Amador County California.  We look forward to the debut of our 2016 Barbera, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese and Vermentino.  A 2016 Vermentino from Fiddletown is currently available.

Our Team

Dusty Baker, Partner & Grower


Winemaker Chik in the vineyard